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Toykraft Toykraft Mandala Jigsaw Kaleidoscope


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  • DetailsMandala is a Sanskrit word, loosely translated, for circle.
  • A Mandala picture is vibrant, colourful, and intricate and reveals new insights of deeper meaning.
  • It represents wholeness - some use it for meditation and others to unlock their creativity.
  • Mandala Jigsaw Kaleidoscope is a sensational jigsaw puzzle set which can give a multitude of Mandala designs.
  • Each of the 3 puzzle set besides being solved as a Mandala jigsaw can be transformed into a kaleidoscope of different puzzles depending on how you arrange the pieces.
  • This is made possible because of the uniform triangular jigsaw pieces that connect with one another on any of the 3 sides.
  • This multi-play option - to yield innumerable Mandala designs in different sizes and shapes gives the child a source of endless play and different possibilities.
  • The pieces from all the 3 sets can be combined ( because of the common jig and jigsaw piece size) to yield fabulous new designs which can also be framed as displays.
  • ContentsTriangular jigsaw puzzle pieces: 72 Segment jigsaw puzzle pieces: 18 Illustrated puzzle book for more information
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