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  • DetailsThis is a picture puzzle made by joining jigsaw pieces and also inserting word pieces.
  • The final picture shows children enjoying themselves on the seaside.
  • The children first piece together the jigsaws to reveal the beach.
  • They then realize that there are empty slots of varying lengths in the puzzle which can be populated with matching size inset pieces revealing the body parts in words.
  • They can insert these pieces initially by trial and error to check which ones match the slot size.
  • When the final picture is complete 35 parts of the body are revealed along with the word spelling.
  • This way the child gets to know the body parts.
  • At a later date the child complete the puzzle confidently without mixing and matching the inset pieces.
  • This is fun way to learn the parts of the body.
  • Contents35 piece jigsaw puzzle & 35 inset pieces Puzzle guide inside for more information
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