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Toykraft Kurukshetra


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  • SKU : RDB-39717
  • DetailsKurukshetra is a strategy board game unlike any you have played before which recaptures the Mahabharata and events of the war.
  • This innovative game design with 4 sided dice, trimino pieces, rich graphics, Mahabharata story and Kurukshetra game play-guide captivates players interest through the 18 day war.
  • Play the role of a Pandava General fighting the Kauravas.
  • You have at your command from the soldiers to the great Pandava warriors like Arjuna and Bhima.
  • Use these warriors and roll dice combinatis to defeat the Kaurava army with its legendary warriors like Bhishma, Dra, Karna and Duryadhana.
  • Strategize to receive Krishna Advices.
  • They just might make the difference between winning and losing a battle.
  • Earn victory points for every battle and the player with the maximum points wins.
  • Ctents Game Play Board: 1 Four Sided Dice: 4 Day Token: 1 Krishna Cards: 18 Kaurava Cards : 9 Pandava (Soldier) Cards: 28 Pandava Maharathis Generals: 24 Pandava Brother Cards: 20 Krishna Card Rules: 4 Victory Tokens: 40 Game Play Guide: 1 Story Guide: 1

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