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Toykraft Checolo


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  • DetailsThis is a classic game for the entire family combining the logic of Sudoku puzzle (using colour tokens instead of numbers) and the strategy of Checkers board game.
  • This unique combination makes the game play closely contested and for players who have gained a level of expertise, every move counts.
  • The aim of the players is to move all their tokens to the opposite side of the board in a straight direction backward or forward, left or right, or even diagonally forward or backward and the player, who crosses all the tokens first, wins.
  • Logically appealing, competitive and fast-paced Checolo has it all and more.
  • It has great depth in strategic planning.
  • Unlike Chess which is war-based game, Checolo is a race game and there is winner who finishes first and very seldom does one see a tie.
  • In other words, the game has to finish and there is no draw possibility as seen in Chess.
  • ContentsPlay board with 81 slots: 1 Boards cover:1 Play tokens: 36 in nine assorted colour Instruction booklet: 1
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