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Swastika “ the symbol for good luck


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  • 'The swastika has been regarded as the symbol for good luck, protection and auspiciousness for over five thousand years in India. It is derived from 'SU-VASTI' and means "The essence of all goodness".
  • This particular swastika combines the sacred syllable Om with the trident symbol of Ganesh and is hence very potent in protecting one's worship space or prayer room from any negative energy. It is primarily a spiritual swastika, though a secondary benefit is that it rectifies any flawed energies that may be present in the house due to faulty construction.
  • Three powerful symbols of Hinduism come together in this single Wall Hanging. The swastika is both a sign and a talisman containing mystical powers to ward off malefic effects with positive forces. Combined with 'Om' - the seed sound of the cosmos, it emanates a triple power and energy.
  • The sign of the swastika is usually drawn in vermilion powder before the commencement of prayer or offering to the gods. It is also commonly hung above doors or entrances to homes and offices as a sign of welcome to all who enter. This unique swastika is made from pure brass.
  • Height: 10 Inc.
  • Width: 10 Inc.
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