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Scotland Yard


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  • The mysterious Mister X is on the move and it's up to London's top detectives to stop him

  • Scotland Yard has all the ingredients of an enjoyable, light-hearted game of cat and mouse
  • Cops and robbers must negotiate their way around Central London, trading their allocations of bus, underground and taxi tickets for passage around a game board with 199 locations
  • One contestant takes on the role of Mister X and attempts to outwit his would-be captors; lying low under London Bridge, running riot in Regent's Park or bowling bravely through Buckingham Palace
  • The remaining participants, a minimum of two detectives, must rely on all their super-sleuth skills to catch their man
  • For the most part Mister X travels around in secret but he is obliged to "emerge" briefly at specified intervals in the game to reveal his whereabouts
  • This provokes a frantic pursuit as the detectives follow various clues that may or may not lead to the fugitive's new location
  • The hide-and-seek nature of the game makes for fine family entertainment although younger players may find such tactical searching requires a little too much patience
  • Ultimately there's much fun to be had in the role of the elusive Mister X and wannabe detectives will relish the prospect of collaring the bad guy.


    Product Features:-
    ? Scotland Yard needs a team of daredevil detectives, who can race through the streets of London and capture Mr

  • X, a fugitive

  • ? An involving game of dodging, racing, cornering and chasing.

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