Mangopeti (48 Alphonso Mangoes)


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  • The Alphonsos that are packed in the Mangopeti are relatively greener, and weigh around 225 to 250 grams. These Alphonsos are packed in hay, and will ripen as they are delivered. Please don't be surprised to see a few green mangoes in your consignment. They will ripen within days of being received.
  • Mangopeti: 48 Alphonso mangoes, each weighing at least 225 to 250 grams packed in the traditional wooden crate. Mangoes laid and separated by hay.



  • Each mango is literally handpicked, and checked for status of ripeness, smell and skin colour. The ripeness depends on travel time, and the kind of packing.
  • Mangopeti: Traditional wooden crates are used to pack Alphonso mangoes in well defined rows. The rows are separated by fillings of hay that also helps mangoes to ripen as they are being shipped.


Please Note :

  • Order Cut-Off Date: 7 days prior to the end date of the period.
  • For example: The order cut-off date for the delivery period of 11-May-2017 to 20-May-2017 will be 13-May-2017.
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  • Delivery within 7-10 working days.
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Good quality mango
I order mango for my family stay in India and i got quick and quality mango delivery. Keep it up - By Ranjan Das
Fast delivery and 100% original mango
I regularly order mangoes in every season since last 10 years from and they always deliver mangoes on time and very good quality and big size fruit they deliver at my relatives home. I am very very happy with product. - By Gita Patel
King of Fruit
It is difficult to find right words because its matter of taste and when mango season start i regularly send mango peti to my family every 15 days. Every year sending lot of mangoes and happy with quality services given by and mango vendor. - By Mahendra
Best Quality Mango
Quality mango and test was so sweet. Natural test ....

Give me more options of mango like Kesar, Sundari, Daseri, Langado - By Kinnari

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