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Kookaburra Instinct 500 Cricket Bat


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  • SKU : RDB-KK_EW_000079
  • Kookaburra Instinct 500 Cricket Bat
  • BRAND NEW for 2015.
  • Hand Craft: Kookaburra cricket bat is made by hand and designed by expert of Kookaburra Manufacturing System.
  • Super Spine: Kookaburra bat have a super finest spine it shows the durability of the bat.
  • With super spine, player will get max power in stoke hence they can perform better on cricket ground.
  • Big Sweet Spot: Bigger Sweet spot give maximum hitting by which player gets added advantage to make aggressive shots.
  • Big sweet spot also helps in better placement of shots.
  • Rounded Face: Rounded face means balance and strength of the bat.
  • Kookaburra cricket bat are specially designed to this technology.
  • Power Drive: In this bat the handle of the bat gives you to play easily the power drive shot.
  • Light Weight: It is a very light weight bat.
  • Light weight bat gives you to play easily the comfortable shot.
  • Moreover , with light weight bat player can manipulate the shots a lat time , Like AB Devillers.
  • Naturally Dried: Wood used in this series of bats are naturally dried which mean it give slow and steady moisture removal.
  • KPP: Kookabura Pre prepared is a technology in which bats are ready with standard Kookabura procedure.
  • In this procedure , Kahuna Series of Bats are pre knocked and you can use them straight to cricket ground.
  • Max Grip: Kookaburra bat grip are specially designed.
  • The texture of the grip is very smooth and dotted it provides the comfortable grip.

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Delivery Info

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