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Jus' Like That Indiana Choco Paan - 30


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  • Paan Has A Symbolic Value At Sacred Ceremonies And Cultural Events In South And Southeast Asia,
  • People Enjoy It As A Palate Cleanser And Breath Freshener After A Meal, And Also Often Offered To Guests And Visitors As A Sign Of Hospitality It Has Been Traditionally Used For Centuries By The Royalty Before Commencing All Important Tasks
  • In Luknow ( North India) Paan Eating Is An Elaborate Cultural Custom, A Ritual Of Utmost Sophistication With Their Own Ways Of Making , Storing And Serving Paan
  • In Bengal ( India) The Bride And The Groom Are Given Traditional Brass Containers Topped With Betel Leaves .The Woman Will Not Only Roll Paan For Her Husband But Also Feed Him With Her Own Hands.
  • Famous Poet Mukhya Charan Bhattacharya From Bengal Lauded Paan As
  • She Lives Indoors But Is Not A Woman
  • Not Sought By The Young But Adored By The Old
  • She Is A Temptress Like A Fire-Fly
  • Fools Will Not Interpret This And Will Remain Confused
  • Soft Discreet Delicate Yet Alluring
  • Take Indiana Choco Paan With Sweet Aroma , Peppermint Taste And No Hard Nuts This Eternal Taste Of Our Chocolate Will Brighten Your Moment..
  • Available In Packet Of 12 Pcs ,15 Pcs And 30 Pcs ,
  • They Are Beautifully Packed And Sent To U.
  • So Enjoy .. Indiana Choco Paan
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