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Funskool Twister - Action Games


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  • Enjoy a Crazy Saturday Night with TwisterWeve all tried untangling knots in hair, earphes and other wires.
  • Ever wdered what it would be like to untangle a human body knot? The Funskool Twister game will literally leave you in knots and not just laughter wise.
  • Play with a group of friends and go crazy with excitement as you intertwine every body part and try to outmanoeuvre your oppents playing Twister.
  • Children from ages four and above can play this incredibly fun twister floor game.
  • It includes a Twister mat, a spinner board and a spinner arrow.
  • Insane Fun for EveryeFunskool Twister will leave your kids twisted in the funniest knots, all to win the game.
  • Assign the spinner board to e pers, while the rest of the players place themselves around the mat.
  • Bright, round multicoloured circles are arranged in organised rows the Twister mat.
  • Each player is given a command, like Left foot blue, or right hand green.
  • After a few commands, every player is entangled with the other and is to remain in those hilarious positis without falling.
  • The last remaining player the twister mat emerges as the winner.
  • Brand: Funskool Recommended Age: Four years and above Ideal For: Girls and boys Includes: Twister mat, spinner, spinner arrow Excellent for body exercise, play in four ways-Twisting turns, teaming up, twister tournament and twister knock-out

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