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7.50cts Big Real Natural Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings 8.30mm DIA


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  • Pearls - small white beads of purity and perfection
  • It is no wonder that they have fascinated bewitched cultures the world over for thousands of years
  • But just what is it about this ancient gem that has so closely bonded it to our lives, our culture and our bodies? People and pearls explores and reveals the power of pearls, with their remarkable ability to bestow upon their wearer a sense of mystery, elegance and grace
  • It offers a personal look at the world's most celebrated jewel through portraits of the most memorable personages throughout civilization to have worn them --- from Queen Elizabeth to Uma Thurman, from Josphine Baker to Marilyn Monroe
  • Wear your pearls because they become more beautiful after being worn! Pearls are soft, organic gems and they love the fact that our skin is so warm and soft.
  • Pearl Wt: 7.50 cts
  • Pearl Diameter: 8.3 mm
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